Thursday, 9 September 2010

Finger Puppets

My eldest daughter decided that after I made her a cushion for school,that I can now make anything. She wanted a mouse finger puppet, so I made her one from odd and edds of felt that I had. So then her younger sister decided that she now wanted one. I got a bit excited by this and made her a fairy. Since then I have been busy making a princess. I can't make up my mind whether they are good enough to give as gifts? I would welcome any thoughts that anyone has please. I would either give a couple of different finger puppets, or a tooth fairy bag (please see earlier post) with a fairy puppet.

New Chickens

Last week with the remains of my birthday money I went a bought myself two more hens. We had lost one of our other girls in July and she was sadly missed, I was also having to buy egg as the other girls pretty much stopped laying. We decided after much thought to stick with hybrids, and we bought a Speckledy Hen and a Bluebelle. The Speckledy is called Poppy. The Bluebelle has been named Dr Mumbo by the ever crazy hubby.

This is a photo of their first adventure in the garden.